The phrase “prevention is better than cure” proves true in dentistry. With regular dental check-ups and maintenance of good oral hygiene we aim to enable our patients to keep their teeth for a lifetime! Preventative dentistry involves:

  • Regular dental exams
  • Regular dental radiographs (6 months to 2 yearly depending on your caries (decay) risk)
  • Routine dental cleans
  • Adequate at home oral hygiene regime (some combination of tooth brush, floss, Piksters, medicated mouth washes and toothpastes etc)
  • Removal of troublesome wisdom teeth
  • Early interceptive orthodontic treatment for children
  • Mouthguard construction
  • Diet advice

Adequate dental health is crucial to overall health. Aesthetics and hence self-confidence are also tied into oral health. Most importantly, healthy teeth and gums allow our patients to function in eating and talking confidently and pain-free!