If you have been experiencing dental pain your dentist may recommend Root Canal Therapy (RCT).

Indications for RCT are:

  • prolonged pain to hot/cold/sweet stimuli
  • soreness to biting
  • pain that disrupts sleep
  • pain relief recommended, e.g.: paracetamol
  • changes seen on dental x-ray
  • certain cases of dental trauma

On your consultation appointment your dentist will take a full medical history, pain history and x-rays. Many of the teeth that require RCT will have had previous large “holes,” fillings or crowns. There is often a breach of bacteria into the pulp canal which can cause symptoms ranging from no or minimal pain, to severe, distressing pain. Based on clinical findings, a decision is made as to whether your tooth is suitable for RCT. You will be provided with an estimate quoe for your RCT appointments and the final restoration. Most cases require three appointments and the vast majority of teeth will require crowns (or full cuspal coverage restorations) to adequately seal the RCT long term.

The first RCT appointment is aimed at pain relief. The second appointment aims to accurately measure, shape and cleanse the root canal surfaces. The final appointment aims to permanently seal the root canal system. Thereafter, a final restoration is absolutely crucial to the long term survival of the tooth, both to prevent re-infection and fracture of the tooth.

With the use of rubber dam, rotary instruments and intra-canal medicaments every attempt is made to reduce pain and infection. Despite our best attempts however, some teeth may not settle or later become re-infected. In these cases we offer referral to specialist endodontists.